Thursday, 5 July 2012

Everybody has got a friend

              Let's talk about some of our friends. They are pretty, full of kindness and of course very FRIENDLY. They can't talk, so for us it's a little bit hard to understand them. But if our friendship is strong enough, it doesn't matter.
               You know them, so let's see that our friends can be very funny ( and fashionable, too)! 

 Froggy costume vs. costume inspired from Shrek cartoon.

Wow, a german shepherd princess, so cool :).

              So, we have even some superheroes.

                    And we have even a guide, not a double decker bus! Or better said a double decker dog! :)

                   These friends can be dogs, cats, parrots... any animal you want. They'll always love you and you'll be their best friend, too! 
                   They'll be always there for you and if you'll love them you'll find some amazing friends!

                            So, everybody has got a friend!

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