Wednesday, 4 July 2012

A summer of FASHION!!! :)

     Summer's here. That means that here are some new trends. We'll show you what to do to be cool. To make a good impression you can wear :
     1) Dresses, shirts and skirts with floral patterns:

            2) Those trendy colours:
                - Blue ( Remembers you the colour of the sea, of the sky - blue means imagination and freedom.) :
                 -Sleepy colours (Light pink, cream, grey, even a little bit of mustard yellow.):

                -Yellow ( Make you look like you're under the spotlights, it's an amazing colour and you can wear it anytime you want.):

                -Black and White ( You can simply call it " the ying yang style". These colours will always be on vogue. Wear them and you'll look pacient and brave.):

                     -Reddy clothes ( Wear red and you'll look important and everybody will remark you.):
                      -Pink or Fuchsia colours ( These colours are very funny and very modern.):

                      -Only White ( The colour of winter is perfect for summer! White means kindness and purity.):
                    -Lively colours ( You are so happy, you want to be cool and awesome!):

             3) T-shirts with funny texts:

       So, in the end... have a nice summer of fashion!
       ( by the way, keep visiting our blog for new cool tips! :) )

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