Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Nail Polish Trends for this Autumn

          So Autumn is here and we are almost ready! If you want some tips for outfit you can check this. But if you think you need more, you can complete with some colour on your nails. So, let's start! :)

          These are Nail Polish Trends for this Autumn:
Creamy Teal hues combine sophistication and whimsy in one contradictory hue.

Purple is the party shade of the season, popping up all kind of fun and funky textures.

✓ Fall Foliage
Rusty red, goldenrod an burnished orange hues are plentiful for autumn and besides being sesonally  appropoiate, they're also unexpectedly chic, expecially when paired with an earth-toned wardrobe.

✓ Metalic Military
Green is the shade that just won't go away. we've seen countless variations on this hue. This Fall, the colors goes military.

Hot Cocoa
Our love of chocolate extends to our nails with a little help from the new trend. Perfect for girls who aren't big on color.

Gothic Berries
Traditional berry but darker. A gothic style look cool with a little bit of mystery.

Concrete Jungle
Concrete gray is our favourute non-color: soften than black but a hole lot more impactiful than white.

In the  navy
Yes, we love aqa as much as you! Keep your marine theme through the colder months.

We hope this tips helped you soo... keep visitin' us for new ideasfor this nice Autumn!
                                                                              with love, Friendship Rank 

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