Friday, 6 July 2012

Nail Polish Color Trends for this Summer

       So, you want a super cool and complet look for this summer? You can use our tips for clothes.
But the outfit is still incomplete, so make it more trendy with... Nail Polish!!!
       This summer  the nail polish color trends are:

1) Fresh Greens like shades of mint, sea foam will make you look pure and simple but also stylish.

2) Orange Crush, probably the color of the year, is making a splash from head to toe. Even if you shy away from wearing bright orange clothing, a manicure in this color is the must-have of the season.

3) Carefree CoralsThe season’s prettiest corals are lighter. Wear the beautiful coral-rose tone on your lips, too, for twice the gorgeousness.

4) Lilac & LavenderCreamy lilac and lavender hues in matte, pearly and shimmery finishes are fabulous.

5) Soft PinksYes, they may require a bit more maintenance, but they never fail to look clean,  soft and chic. 

6) Classic RedsNothing says glamour like a classic red nails, so take a red nail polish and let's go!

7) New Nudes. These are a must-have of every girl's polish wardrobe. We love matching a beige or nude shade to our skin tone! Girls, isn't it?

8) Fuchsia Punch. Hot pink for hot weather :). Some cheerful pink on your nails will make your day look more brighter.

9) Shimmer & Shine.  Glitter isn't going away. There is no time like summer to shine like the sun, so...girls, let's shine!

                       (You can choose any color.)

10) Blue Skies= darken shades of indigo lighten up. This color hues leave us ready to dive into the summer.

11) Mellow Yellows. These brilliant shades must be a little bit less bright and whole more elegant.

12) Sorbet Shades. The season's pastel shades are muted and craemy, tarnsforming sweet into modern sophistication. This shades look great on short nails.

   So, this summer you will pass through some magnific colors, from shy and pale to party and shinny shades. Enjoy the summer with our trendy tips! :)

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