Saturday, 8 September 2012

Cool Outfits Tips for a Cool Autumn

                            Back to school, friends!

           The summer's almost gone, so the school is going to start. If you want tips about the outfits that are perfect fot the first day of school, you've found the perfect blog!
           Let's start with something easy, like the perfect colours for the next season ( autumn )! Well, we know that in autumn we have to wear pale colours , but don't be upset. We know cool combinations and you'll have a nice look! :)

 1) white


2) grey

3) black, white, jeans, goldenn


    4) black or white



 5) jeans clothes


6) sporty look


7) adorable look ( add a nice scarf! )


8) white look


9) red look


10) autumn/winter look

      Autumn is a very nice season, you can have a cool autumn being friendly and wear cool outfits like the ones from this blog! :) We have cool tips ( sometimes they are a little bit funny, we know ). Always remember your bestfriends and spend your free time with them if you want to have fun this summer. Of course, remember your mates, they can be great friends, too!
      This autumn is written to be cool. Have an awesome first day of school and don't forget to check our modern tips about clothes!

           Ok, have a nice autumn. Be cool, be yourself and always be proud of you!

                                                                       with love,
                                                                                      from FriendshipRank :)

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