Thursday, 16 August 2012

One Direction

     Made of five members, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Zain Malik and Louis
Tomlinson, the group was formed after the boys all auditioned separately as solo artists for
the hit ITV1 talent show,but were dropped at the boot camp stage.
     However guest judge and Pussycat Dolls lead singer Nicole Scherzinger and music mogul
Simon Cowell decided the singers all had a future in the competition if they joined forces and became a band.

      All five teens jumped at the chance to re -enter the competition in the groups category, and the opportunity paid off as the band made it trough the judges' houses stage, and straight into the live finals.

    Winning a legion of female fans through their live Saturday night performances on the X-factor show, One Direction are seriously hot property right now, and their debut single due out in March, the mania is about to crank up another notch. 
   Although the popular boy band failed to win the seventh series of the X-factor, eventually coming in third place after winner Matt Cardle and Liverpudlian singer Rebecca Ferguson, their popularity and talent didn't go unnoticed by Simon Cowell who promptly signed the boy band up to his music label Syco.

      Liam Payne

Liam Payne Of One Direction
         For 17-year-old Liam Payne from Wolverhampton, it was second time lucky when he applied
for the X-Factor last year as he previously made it through to the judges’ houses two years
         The teen missed out on a place in the final on his first X-Factor appearance as Simon Cowell
believed that at just 14-years of age, he was too young, and advised him to come back in
two years time for another shot at X-Factor glory.
         It seemed as though history was about to repeat itself when the music technology student
left the competition at the boot camp stage, but was thrown a lifeline by music mogul
         Relinquishing his ambitions for a solo career, Liam was offered the chance to make it
through to the judges’ houses stage, but only if he teamed up with 4 other soloists to form a
new boy band which later became One Direction.

       Louis Tomlinson

Louis Tomlinson Of One Direction
           Louis Tomlinson is one of the older members of the group at 19-years of age, however
despite this, he’s gained a reputation as the group’s prankster.
           During the X-Factor, the former Hall Cross School student was photographed in the press
posing with his band mates in a hospital gown which exposed his brightly coloured pants,
much to the delight of his female fans.
           The 19-year-old from Doncaster also made headlines when he and fellow band member
Harry Styles unwittingly revealed X-Factor winner, Matt Cardle’s, personal mobile phone
number to 7,000 fans on Twitcam.
            The singer’s mother, Johanna Tomlinson also made an appearance in the press when she
publically clashed with former X-Factor Winner Steve Brookstein after he criticised Louis’s
vocal ability.
            Louis is currently dating 18-year-old Hannah Walker. The pair got together 7 months ago,
before Louis found fame on the X-Factor.

        Harry Styles

Harry Styles of One Direction
            One Direction is Harry Styles’ second group as the 17-year-old was the lead singer in a band
called White Eskimo alongside 3 other musicians before he was catapulted to fame on the
hit ITV1 show.
             Hailing from Holmes Chapel in Cheshire, the teen was a student at Holmes Chapel
Comprehensive School until joining the boy band.
             Harry is also credited for coming up with the band’s name, One Direction, after the 5
youngsters were thrown together at the judges’ houses stage of the competition.
             The 17-year-old is an avid Manchester United supporter and is a big fan of the American
singer John Mayer whose track, Free Falling, is Harry’s favourite song.
Harry and Liam Payne tend to share duties as lead vocalists during their X-Factor

          Niall Horan

Niall Horan of One Direction
               Niall is the only Irish member of One Direction, hailing from Mullingar, in Westmeath
Ireland, the 17-year-old was a student at Coláiste Mhuire in Mullingar before auditioning for
the X-Factor in Dublin.
                Known as the funny one of the group, Niall admits to being a fan of Irish boy band Westlife,
and also Take That and Enz Inc on his Facebook page.
                 As well as being a talented singer, Niall also plays the guitar and lists his interests as “Having
a laugh” and “enjoying every minute” of life as a boy band member.

            Zain Malik

Zain Malik of One Direction
                 18-year-old Zain comes from East Bolwing, Bradford and is a former student of Tong High
                The teen first came to the attention of X-Factor viewers when he refused to join the rest of the auditiones on stage for a dance task during the boot camp stage. Zain’s absence didn’t
go unnoticed by Simon Cowell who stopped the audition, and went backstage to convince
the youngsters to join in with the task, or risk losing his place in the competition.
               Zain also found himself making the front page when a tabloid news story broke last year
which suggested the 18-year-old was romancing fellow X-Factor contestant, Cher Lloyd.
However the female singer strongly denied any romantic link with Zain, saying she was too
focused on her role in the show.

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